Friday, August 07, 2009


US edition - Hyperion Books for Children

I've just received my copies of AF#2-GN US and UK edition ( the book will be available on sale in a few days ) and I've found them stunning! Christian Trimmer, Jennifer Besser and Alexander Garkusha from Hyperion Books for Children did such a beatiful job with it! Many thanks guys!

UK edition - Penguin Books

Just a few datas for the ones who are interested and the ones who didn't know:
© 2009 Text: Eoin Colfer - Art: Giovanni Rigano

- this GN is the adaptation from the second Eoin Colfer's original novel in Artemis Fowl serie
- 128 pages full colour
- more than 1 year long work for writing, drawing and colouring it
- as for the first book adaptation is made by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, and Paolo Lamanna did the colours
© 2009 Text: Eoin Colfer - Art: Giovanni Rigano

- Mulch Diggums is one of my favourite characters and in this book did his best twice
- in this book we're pictured Eoin, me, Andrew and Paolo (where we are?)

- in this book we dedicate two pages to one of the most famous & brilliant GN of all the times (where? which one?)
- this book will be released in three different editions at the same time - US hardcover ( my favourite ), US paperback (
Hyperion Books for Children) and UK paperback (Penguin Books) - in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. © 2009 Text: Eoin Colfer - Art: Giovanni Rigano

In these pages and pictures you can see the great work Paolo did!
Since tomorrow you can buy it HERE (US) and HERE (UK).
© 2009 Text: Eoin Colfer - Art: Giovanni Rigano

A couple of answers now...
- to Benjamin Anders: thank you for your compliments and compliments for your dirty little scribbles. don't have any news about the Daffodil US release, but still I'm confident there will be one (or so I've been told). will tell more soon!
- per
=Jeko=: la memoria enfatizza i ricordi e, in questo caso, la dentatura delle lucertole. ti ringrazio per il bel commento. le lucertole no.

Soon I'll be able to make a full preview of my next projects in France (COEUR DE PAPIER, GOTHIC LOLITA) and US (THE SUPERNATURALIST).
C U soon!